Daily Bible Reading Schedule

Visit www.BibleClassMaterial.com for your free PDF copy of The Five Day Bible Reading Schedule.

With this schedule and a little bit of time each weekday you will be able to read through the entire Bible in one year.

Online Bible

Bible Gateway - A free online Bible site.
* Please be careful with the commentaries, articles, and links as they are the product of men.

Bible Apps

E-Sword — Free Bible program for Windows
E-Sword X — Bible Study for the Mac
E-Sword HD — Bible Study for the iPad
E-Sword LT — Bible Study for the iPhone
* This is not a paid advertisement for the programs linked above.

Locate A Congregation Near You

Find The Church — Find a church near you.
The Good Fight — Find a church near you.
* Please use the Scriptures as your guide when trying to identify the Lord’s church.